Speaker: Jim Tull, Petroleum Geologist, Stephens & Johnson Operating Co., Wichita Falls, TX

Title: Production Revival of the Oklahoma City South Wilcox Sand Unit, Oklahoma City Field, Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties, Oklahoma


Jim’s oilfield experience started in September, 1981, by being hired as a draftsman at Stephens Engineering.  Concurrent to this, he changed his major to geology at Midwestern State University (Indians not Mustangs).  In May, 1985, Jim graduated from MSU with a BS in Geology and a minor in Business Administration.  Immediately upon graduating, Fred Stephens graciously offered him a position as a geologist at Stephens Engineering, and he has remained there in that capacity.  His main duties there include prospect generation, reservoir mapping and wellsite geology.  Jim is an active member of AAPG, NTGS, OKC Geological Society and is a past president of NTGS.


The Wilcox Sand of the Oklahoma City Field has produced well over 540 MMBO and 820 BCFG since its discovery on March 26, 1930 by Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company’s No. 1 Mary Sudik.  Of this 540 MMBO, over 60 MMBO has been recovered at the southeast end of the field from the Oklahoma City South Wilcox Sand Unit.  After being largely abandoned in 1984, save for one well, the Unit has seen a revival in production in recent years from the recompletion, re-entry and drilling of 33 producing and injection wells.  Updating the old geological work by incorporating new interpretation and modern logs has driven the redevelopment of the Unit.  At the early stages of this redevelopment, new engineering thought and a modern approach to drilling, completion and production techniques enabled the company to re-establish production.  Some of this new production is in areas of the Unit that have not produced since the 1940’s.  This revival of production has resulted in an incremental recovery of     2.0 MMBO and 1.5 BCF to date, and incremental future recoverable reserves of 4.1 MMBO and .9 BCFG.  Presented here will be an overview of the development, current reservoir conditions, Unit production history and reserves, lessons learned and challenges to drilling in a major metropolitan area.